Remax K02 Wireless Lightning Microphone


  •  stability and freedom from interference Audio system
  • Super small and lightweight
  • can be easily attached to a shirt or pocket
  • easy to broadcast live
  • It can be used for 10 hours when fully charged


  • 3 Months Warranty

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This Microphone is compatible with your iOS and iPad devices. The Microphone’s reversible design easily inserts the connector into any iOS device. This simple structure Microphone ensures easy connections and reliable performance. It also supports data transfer of voice to iOS devices quickly.

  • The user-friendly Microphone is famous for its durability. These connectors are designed to be plugged and unplugged up to 10000times.
  • Simple structure, lightweight and portable Microphone for any device.
  • A multipurpose solution to connecting all your compatible devices, including iPhones and iPads.


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